Lime Girl™ All In One Salon Kit
Lime Girl™ All In One Salon Kit
Lime Girl™ All In One Salon Kit
Lime Girl™ All In One Salon Kit
Lime Girl™ All In One Salon Kit
Lime Girl™ All In One Salon Kit
Lime Girl™ All In One Salon Kit

Lime Girl™ All In One Salon Kit

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alternatetext A complete professional nail extension kit for easy, at-home manicures with natural & professional-looking results.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ''This kit is absolutely worth the price! So easy to work with it was my very first time trying poly gel and I’m amazed at the results. I really recommend this kit it brings everything you need, great for beginners!'' - Shanik Martinez

FAST & LONG-LASTING: Our professional gel can be applied quickly - in 15 to 30 minutes - and lasts for at least 3-4 weeks.

EASY APPLICATION: Simple to understand and easy to use, you’ll be amazed at the results of your at-home manicure.

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY:  Lime Girl™  nail extension gel is non-toxic and has no monomer or chemical odors, making it an environmentally-friendly gel that won’t damage your nails.

COST EFFECTIVE:  Save time and money, with our kit you can do a minimum of 6 manicures  in 6 different colors at a very low price!


  1. Clean the nails

  2. Squeeze the right amount of PolyGel

  3. Select the right size for the nail tip

  4. Roll the PolyGel onto the nail tip

  5. Dip brush into slip solution, even the PolyGel for a smooth surface

  6. Apply base coat and attach the nail tip

  7. Dry nail with UV light

  8. Trim the shape, apply top coat and Enjoy!


 Lime Girl™  nail extension gel easily files off because its unique TriPolymer Technology is light and durable, while still remaining pliable, allowing for quicker break down during removal

  1. Soak off the nails in acetone for about 5 minutes.

  2. Rip down the whole piece of nail enamel gently on each nail.

  3. Gently buff the nail. DO NOT file the natural nail.


1 x UV Nail Lamp

1 x Base Coat(8ml)

1 x Top Coat(8ml)

1 x Slip solution(30ml)

1 x  Cuticle oil pen

1 x Dual Headed Nail Art tool- Brush and Spatula

1 x Black Nail Sanding File

1 x 100pcs Nail Extension Forms / Different sizes

1 x Nail clipper

3 x 15ml Poly Nail Extension Gel (You can choose from 7 sets of colors)


100% Money Back Guarantee. You have 14 days after receiving your purchase  to return it and be 100% refunded if you don't have a positive experience for any reason!